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Li-Heat PCI-E Gen 3.0 Ribbon flexible Riser Cable - v2 - Black

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This new and improved design riser cable from Li-Heat provide optimized compatibility between motherboard and graphic card, supporting a wide range of GPU / SSD solutions.
Protect your GPU, SSD or other PCI-E device investment with EMI shielding and gain high conductivity to one of your most vital components, no more lag, slow data transfer or frame drops with this riser cable!
Produced with the highest quality only! Li-Heat takes the importance of safe current very serious and has put this to the highest level.
Add presentation without losing performance with a clean “all black look” and allow extension from the motherboard to add more to your system build.
This new version is smaller in width than the previous version and all riser cables from other brands, making it more flexible and compatible in all kinds of builds.
Multiple Li-Heat riser cables can be connected in serie to create one large cable to 1 meter!

Available in 3 versions/types and 9 lengths, choose your desired cable from the selection menu.

Our specification

Specifications of this product

PCIe interface requirements

Rated current:

12V = 2.4A; 3.3V = 1.4 + 0.4A,

Only cards with additional power sockets are supported

Do not use a card that does not have an extra power outlet

According to "7851. PCIe_designGuides.pdf" on pages 19 and 20

PCIe x16 rated power, 12V = 5.5A; 3.3V = 3.0A

No additional power outlet function card,

35cm TDP must be less than 45W; 50cm TDP must be less than 35W


GEN1 ~ 3 systems are all supported

Can be connected in series

Testing platform:

DX11 graphics card / win7 GEN3 system

DX12 graphics card / win10 GEN3 system


FR-4/4 laminates,

Gold finger gold plating 3μ,

A; B on both sides of the wiring & welding, are separate,

According to "High-speed differential signal layout"

TX and RX of the wiring path is not the circuit layer conversion,

And also have a reference signal with the ground layer,

So the PCIe PCB must have both sides of the welding foot 4 layer board,


Double Axial Cable (UL2678)

Cable width of about 57mm;

Thickness of about 1.8mm;

Welded feet and power lines are inside the EMI shielding layer

In fact, in addition to EMI must completely obscure the communication regulations,

PCIe interface to match the ground, can not be arbitrarily deleted,

Otherwise the symmetry of the differential to maintain the specifications will be lowered,

This can lead to PCIe signals that often malfunction!

So PCIe interface, must be double (Twin Axial) shielded cable,

Technical Statement:

(1) Patent Search No: US 9,215,834 (English) & No: B2 ZL 2012 1 0254688.7 (Chinese)

(2). The inclusion of 12V cable rated current of 3A and better applicability, the optimization of the technology will continue,

(3). If you do not care about the soldering of the feet and the power line shielding, we are happy to recommend for you:

(3-1). Flexibility is better, and supports GEN4 3M ™ Twin Axial,

(3-2). The length can be customized to 1M, and can be twisted into a complete bundle of amphenol PCIe Extender

Because they are also double (Twin Axial) of the cable, and 12V cable rated current, at least 2A,

Choose your Version:
Li-Heat Industries
Choose your Length:
I am using this 50 cm cable (A-type) with an NVIDIA RTX 2080Ti FTW3 Ultra Gaming from EVGA, with a maximum power consumption of 375 Watt. I have not detected any instabilities, nor drops in FPS. As the card utilizes external/additional power cords it is safe to be operated in this area I guess, as it meets the safety instructions of LI-HEAT, which are displayed below (for 50 cm cable only 35 watt shall be used if no additional power is granted). The cable is quite flexible but has a conformational memory, so if stored to long in one position/orientation it keeps its form. I'd buy the product again, the price is okay and it does not have any cheap-looking parts or unpleasant smells.   Greetings from Germany!
Recently purchased a 35cm Type B riser as a replacement for my Evolv Shift’s riser through Highflow. Shipping only took three business days to ship to Austria. Riser is excellent quality, PCIE 3.0 compatibility confirmed. Excellent customer support.
Anderhalve maand gewacht, maar eindelijk aangekomen en het is precies wat ik zocht. De eerste riser die werkt in mijn PC (Crosshair VI + R9 390). Bedankt!
I'm using the older version and it is very good, far better than any other riser cable I used! Will use this new version in my new build for sure.
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