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USB buttons and (Bluetooth) controllers.

54,95 (45,41 excl. BTW)
Ultimarc, BlueHID-BH / CR2032 battery
BlueHID Brings wireless Bluetooth connectivity to the Universal Human Interface Device. Unique driver-free Input and Output features now without wires!...

12,95 (10,70 excl. BTW)
Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle for BlueHID. If used with Windows 7 or earlier, software will be needed which can be downloaded >>> here <<<...

19,95 (16,49 excl. BTW)
Lithium Polymer battery for the Ultimarc BlueHID BC. Battery capacity: 1200Mah.

27,95 (23,10 excl. BTW)
USBButton in tiny dongle format. Identical features as the standard button (see description below), with only 4mm projection. Ideal for laptops....

99,95 (82,60 excl. BTW)
What is a HID? HID stands for Human Interface Device. This is a term used to describe certain types of PC peripheral, usually connected via USB....

24,95 (20,62 excl. BTW)
Ultimarc, Type 3, 4.8mm / Type 3B
Harness Type 1 Harness for Ultimarc U-Trak Trackball. Connects to any of the U-HID connectors. Harness Type 2 Harness for U-Trak Trackball and...

16,95 (14,01 excl. BTW)
This consists of 9 wires, (8 inputs plus ground) and plugs onto any of the sections of the U-HID connector. It is keyed to avoid incorrect connection. ...

49,95 (41,28 excl. BTW)
U-HID Nano The U-HID Nano board gives you all the versatility of the U-HID board, with 8 inputs.  All inputs can be assigned as Analogue, Key...

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46,85 (38,72 excl. BTW)
Ultimarc, Deluxe with Polished Stainless Steel Base
User configurable desktop push button with hundreds of uses, limited only by your imagination.  For example when pressed, button "types" a...

6,95 (5,74 excl. BTW)
Ultimarc, Lightweight sponge rubber base
This rubber base for USB Smart button has a self-adhesive layer, so you can peel and stick one of these to the underside of your USB Smart button to stop...